What Is Shrink Wrap Machine And How Does It Work?

We often use shrink wrap machines to wrap different products; however, we do not give much thought to the machine. For the uninitiated, shrink wrapping is the procedure where the item is wrapped in an envelope or wrap products, and then heat is used to shrink the wrap. The machine, however, works in such a way which most of you might find fascinating.

How It Works

The polymers are the long atoms which are found in the plastics. The polymers of the general plastics are normally twisted and placed arbitrarily all around the material. However, the plastic, which is specially made for shrink wrapping, has extended polymers. This special plastic film is placed around the articles that need wrapping.

shrink wrap machines

The warmth of the shrink wrap machines helps the polymers of the plastic film return back to their normal state. This is the reason that the shrink wrap snugs the articles that it is wrapping so tightly. It should be also noted that the PVC films can shrink up to 50 per cent of its size. However, the shrink films seal stronger than the PVC.

The Right Machine

To choose the right machines for your purpose, you need to know about the procedures. You also make sure that you know exactly why you need the machine for yourself. You need to know the ranges of the sizes, the quickness of the generation procedure, and the swiftness of the changeover of the machine. However, you can rest assured that there is a Machines which matches all your needs perfectly.

The Different Categories

Transit Wrap

In this system, a curtain of a film is used to wrap the product. You need to pass the product through the films. In this process, the sides of the packing remain open and you need to find a special shrink wrap machines to seal the edges. However, this process will not give you a quality finish.


It is another way of packing the products which are chosen for display. A centerfold film is used in this process and the L-shaped sealing and cutting seals both the sides of the product. Once the wrapping is complete the product is passed through a heat tunnel which results in tight packing. Generally, PVC is used for this type of sealing. The film is perforated to make the air pass during the shrinking process done by the machines. This type of wrap creates an environment which does not have any bacteria.

Sleeve Shrink Tube   

In this process, a sleeve of plastic film is dropped over the article before it passes the heat tunnels of the shrink wrap machines. These sleeves of the plastic are then pushed down so that it fits the product tightly. Generally, bottles are sealed using this procedure. The decorated labels of the bottle and the plastic wrapping of the lids are done using this procedure.


Flow Wrapping

Under this system, the films are created around the product. The film around both the sides of the product is sealed. Another seal is created beneath the product by the shrink wrap machines. In this procedure, generally, magazines are sealed. You can achieve a skin-tight finish of the product using this method.

You can choose the machine according to your requirement. There are various types of machines which you can find in the market. All you need to do is check carefully before buying the machine.