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The Technique of Making Gold Jewelry

You have some gold jewelry in locker, don’t you? Have you ever thought how those intricate designs were made by the jewelers? Most likely you have not. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people who adore jewelry never give a single thought about the mechanism of jewelry making. The executives of jewelry store explain that the manufacturing process is a time taking process. The jeweler who makes jewelry needs to be skillful as well. It requires an awful lot of concentration and technique to make a perfect piece of jewelry for anyone to buy gold Toronto. The more intricate the design is the more time it takes to make the piece. This is the reason of the high price range of the designer jewelry.

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The Design

To create a piece of jewelry, the designers search for ideas from different places. The experts of jewelry store explain that the idea of the design can come from every sphere of life. The designers can get inspired from the dried leaf to the instruments of the kitchen. The designer then designs jewelry according to the piece.

Hand Made Jewelry

The tradition of making and buy gold Toronto in this way started a long time ago. However, this process is still relevant for the jewelry makers. The makers take little to no help to make an entire piece of jewelry from a lump of gold. The only technique they use is to heat and cool the metal constantly, say the professionals of jewelry store.

  • Heating and Pressing

According to them, the makers first heat the lump of the metal to make it malleable enough to give it any shape. After the heat is applied, then they take the piece to the iron wheel which presses the piece of metal into a sheet or wire. The makers use this sheet or wire to make different designs. After they have given the sheet the shape of any required design, then they use the heating technique again to solder the ends of the design.

  • Polishing and cleaning

Once the designing is complete then it is time for the polishing. The filigree of the jewelry could not be polished by any polishing machines. Only the makers can polish it by hand. Then the piece is cleaned using ultrasound waves. The wave makes sure to remove all the little pieces of dirt which is sticking to the piece of jewelry. The gem stones are set even after this step is complete.

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Casting Process

This technique is becoming more popular with each passing day. The experts of jewelry store say that nowadays almost 80% of jewelry is being manufactured in this way. These techniques involve large machines and molds of plaster of Paris or rubber. This molds help to shape the jewelry in the required shape. The jewelers are getting more advanced each day so that more people buy gold Toronto. There are 3D printed molds which some jewelers use to make the jewelry.

Die Striking

This is yet another method through which the jewelers make jewelry. According to the experts of jewelry store, you will never feel the weight of the jewelry which is made from this type of technique. A gold sheet generally used to achieve the coveted design.

Whatever the method is, you need to remember that the piece which you are wearing is the fruit of patience and skills of the jeweler. Thus, the making charges which you think are being too much is actually the appropriate emolument of the makers.